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Month: March 2011


Wooden Heart (2010, DIY) USA, Atlanta “A great video tells much more about that than long useless texts” E.A. in one of his school work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzj6YHxr2xg 8th album by Dan [ … ]

Kid Sister

Ultraviolet (2009, Universal Republic) USA, Chicago My Friend Nicolas  Sanizzle introduced me to the amazing Kid Sister. I could sum up her music in two great words : Great sound, [ … ]


Here Lies The Body Of Jaks (1993-1995, Three One G) USA, Portland (?) Jaks is not very well-known and it’s not fair. “Here Lies The Body Of Jaks” is a [ … ]

So Cow

Meaningless Friendly (2010, Tic Tac Totally) Ireland I discovered So Cow in Alex Melis’ Top 10 2010. That rock band is terrific. I don’t know if his music is a [ … ]

Head Wound City

Head Wound City (2005, Three One G) USA, California Head Wound City is a superband with Justin Pearson (Basse) and Gabe Serbian (Drum) from The Locust, Jordan Billie (Vocals) and [ … ]


Born From A Shore (2011, HipHipHip) France I discovered Botibol through that amazing live video of his song Arudy : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SARxCK5ZdKU So he just released his first album : very [ … ]