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Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh - Cover

Nightmares Made Flesh

(2004, Century Media Records) Sweden.

Classical swedish music.

I discovered Bloodbath and Hypocrisy thanks to Julie, years ago.

Bloodbath is a super-band between Cannibal Corpse and Theory In Practice, with the famous Peter Tägtgren as vocalist.

What hit me in that record is the terrific production quality (What a bass slide at the beginning of Eaten)

I love the diversity in the drum beats that gives definitely a groove to Bloodbath’s songs (Cancer Of The Soul)

I love the part at 2:32 in Brave New Hell and Peter’s amazing vocal performance.

Three huge songs !

The other songs doesn’t show that diversity and turn them into something boring to me.




1. Eaten
2. Cancer Of The Soul
3. Brave New Hell

Bloodbath’s official website :  http://bloodbath.biz

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