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Month: June 2011


Deftones (2003, Maverick Records) USA, California. Cet album est le dernier que j’ai apprécié, les deux suivants ne me touchant pas trop. Good Morning Beautiful est le morceau parfait pour [ … ]

Look What I Did

Atlas Drugged (2010, Modernist Movement Records) USA, Tennessee. I discovered that band with Fabrice Aure, and their videoclip for I’m Majoring In Psychology : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu3qYl0NGYE First of all, I really liked their [ … ]

Black Spirals

Consuming The Rests (2010, S.B.S. Records) France, Paris. Here is a parisian band discovered on http://www.metalorgie.com. That band delivers a powerful music in between Converge, Magrudergrind or Discarga (particularly on their [ … ]


Désarroi Esthétique (2011, Hip Hip Hip Records) France. French with a sound like that ? What a surprize ! Heliport’s music is in between a angry Bloc Party, The Fall [ … ]

Africa Hitech

93 Million Miles (2011, Warp Records) UK. I just received this new Warp release, collaboration of Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313) and Steve Spacek. Let’s start with a major song : Do [ … ]


Gloss Drop (2011, Warp Records) USA, NY. New album for Battles, after Tyondai Braxton leaves the band.D*mn, it’s precisely his voice that turns Battles from an interesting band to a [ … ]

Nuclear Rabbit

Mutopia (2003, DIY) USA, California. I discover  Nuclear Rabbit on an Arno Matendouce’s compilation. This record is really, really hard to find (at an affordable price) but I finally found [ … ]

Kaki King

…Until We Felt Red (2006, Velour Recordings) USA, NYC. Behind her grunge geek style, Kaki King is a very inspired, original and sensible artist. Her album « Until We Felt [ … ]