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Month: December 2012


Antidotes (2008, Transgressive Records) UK, Oxford. Foals is an english rock band. First time I listened to that band was on my ex-roommate(Jacques-André Dupont)’s computer. It sounded like a new [ … ]

I Monster

Neveroddoreven (2004, Dharma Records) France. My great friend Pauline Donuts, introduced me to I Monster’s music with Heaven. I Monster is an english electro-rock duo who plays a wide panel [ … ]

Sticky Boys

This Is Rock’n’Roll (2012, Listenable Records) France. I discovered Sticky Boys because I played with them at the parisian’s Secret sessions in 2012. That trio plays a simple but efficient [ … ]


Moan Loose (2010, Horse Arm Records) UK, London. Get your LP copy right now, few left from their limited (500 copies) edition ! It is the most beautiful artwork I’ve [ … ]