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Month: October 2010


Ten (2004, Anticon Records) USA, California I discovered Anticon records in 2005, When Main-ro lent me the “Anticon Sampler: 1999-2004”. Doseone Flow and Voice leaves his mark on me. Then [ … ]


Triumph (2009, Fourth Dimension Records) Finland How,  after performing crazy vocals for two minuts in between Avishai Cohen (How dare I ?), Dave, Claude François, Pavarotti and Danni Filth, can [ … ]

Paul Simon

Graceland (1986, Warner Bross) USA, New Jersey I surprize myself in reviewing Paul Simon, what made me rename the Alternative Rock category in Pop / Rock Alternative. I was in [ … ]

Norma Jean

Meridional (2010, Razor & Tie) USA, Atlanta The last Norma Jean’s album’s artwork is more beautiful in real than on a computer screen. I love this band since years and [ … ]

P Money

Money Over Everyone (mixtape) (2009, Avalanche Music) UK First I was lucky to meet Patrick VocalTeknix, then he introduces me to the amazing grime of P Money. I always loved [ … ]