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Month: July 2012


Zulus (2012, Aagoo Records) USA, NYC. I discovered that band thanks to Julien from 5RosesPress. To be honest, I wasn’t attracted by the artwork which looks better on that page, [ … ]


Cancer 4 Cure (2012, Fat Possum Records) USA, NY. Last El-P album, yes, I missed a couple of them in between, but I’ll work on it. There is in C4C [ … ]

Chateau Brutal

Ham Slicer (2012, D.I.Y.) France, Lille. That is Grand, and from the North ! I’ll be extremely subjective on this review and not only because I appreciate humanly a lot [ … ]


Pushover (2012, Rejuvenation Records) USA, Atlanta. Here is a LP which may change some people opinions about physical release nowadays : What a terrific object ! This white vinyl with [ … ]

Kabul Golf Klub

Le Bal Du Rat Mort (2012, Uproar For Veneration) Belgium. Bravo. What else to say ? Many other things… What a surprise to see Kabul Golf Club from belgium in [ … ]


Cutie Cinema Replay (2003, Contemonde) Japan. Let’s finish this made in japan panorama in two bands. I discovered Capsule 6 years ago when I was looking for Ep of the [ … ]


Exit Tunes Presents Vocalonexus vol2. (2011, Exit Tunes Records) Japan. Japanese always have an advance of 20 years in music. In an alternative reality. I discovered this weird music with [ … ]