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Joan And The Sailors

Joan And The Sailors - Home Storm - Cover

Home Storm

(2013, Little Jig Records) Suisse.

Here is a new discovery by 5rosesPress.

First time I played that record, I didn’t like the first song. But when I came bakc to it, I was amazed by the second one En Guantes Blanco with great vocals and guitar ambiences. It sounds kind of à la Bosnian Rainbows.

I love the great ambiences on Puzzle Of Feelings. In that song, the vocals sound à la Gentle Veincut.

Light Over Innsmouth leaves me mixed feelings, I love the sonorities in the choirs but sometimes the lead vocals doesn’t work.

Some good songs.




1. En Guantes Blancos
2. Puzzle Of Feelings
3. Light Over Innsmouth

Joan And The Sailors’ official website :  http://joanandthesailors.com/

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