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Giovanni Mirabassi


(1998, Sketch) Italia

Giovanni Mirabassi Architectures

I never was a Jazz specialist, I owe the most part of my discoveries to my friends Milan and Mainro… First of all, I was attracted to the weirdest and most modern branches of Jazz : The Bad Plus, John Zorn etc… who I’ll review next. Then I had a crush on Mirabassi who plays in a more conventional Jazz Style.
I saw him live in 2008 at Tourcoing Jazz Festival on the 21st of October, before Avishai Cohen Trio. I think I always had a wide sensitivity for piano, and that’s probably why I love so much Place de la Mairie song, which plays loop on my sound system. I don’t really know how to describe it technically, it’s mainly the well-composed theme that remains in my head. Giovanni plays it in so many differents and interesting ways.
I found this album very recently, because it is out of print. I love the song Dimanche de pluie which has an ambiance between drama and intensity and has powerful low piano chords and intense waves well-dosed throughout the song. I noticed Giovanni’s piano virtuosity in his melodic escapes.
Really don’t match is in my opinion the most original song of “Architectures”, with audacious scales and complex rythmics and an impressive drum solo at 3:00. I only kept three songs in my top 5, as the others are very slow and didn’t catch my attention. This is probably due to the fact I’m too young for it. I just hope that my musical taste matures faster than my deafness does.




1. Place de la Mairie
2. un Dimanche de Pluie
3. Really don’t Match


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