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Month: April 2011

Black Elk

Always A Six, Never A Nine (2008, Crucial Blast Records) USA, Portland. I discovered Black Elk, because we were offered to play with them in Lille but it didn’t happen. [ … ]


Brush Your Teeth 😉 (2011, DIY) USA, New Jersey. What a good surprize : Dads is a  math rock / emo band from New Jersey. Their music is a kind [ … ]

Sharitah Manush

Green Horses (2011, DIY) France, Bordeaux. Another Discovery by Babylone Promotion, a psychedelic band with sitars from Bordeau : Sharitah Manush and here one of its vintage videoclip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S_ZR_VuuQ0 [ … ]

The Crane Angels

Virgin/The World Ep (2011, Animal Factory) France, Bordeaux. This is The Crane Angels : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTbwNNWxt9I I discover that band with Julien Deverre, and because Botibol (reviewed some weekd ago https://www.radiatorhymn.com/?p=1778) [ … ]

Cast Spells

Bright Works and Baton (2010, Sargent House) USA, Illinois Cast Spells is a folk band very interesting, which I discovered on the internet on their label’s website : Sargent House [ … ]