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Exit Tunes Presents Vocalonexus vol2.

(2011, Exit Tunes Records) Japan.

Vocalonexus - Exit Tunes Presents Vol2

Japanese always have an advance of 20 years in music. In an alternative reality.

I discovered this weird music with Chloé, Karl-aka-hardcore-living-knowledge’s daughter, who told me about “virtual singers” (?).

You may read everywhere on the CD box the name of Miku Hatsune, present on this Exit Tunes’ compilation, which is a label who focus on Vocaloïds : https://www.radiatorhymn.com/?p=3276.

First of all, it is really hard to order a record on amazon.co.jp (thanks to google translate) but now it becomes a little bit more difficult to understand : Miku Hatsune doesn’t exist (?!).

For the laziest who didn’t click on the wikipedia link, Vocaloïds are synthetics vocals produced by a Yamaha program from a text-file and a melody. You just import these data and the software sings ! Nothing human in this. Miku Hatsune is attached with a manga-like character.

Most of the songs and the packaging won’t surprize you : this is typical J-pop/Manga music.

Except two extremely original songs, composed by the devil himself :

Let’s start with the opening track Matryoshka : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JGaQ3g8WU4.

I mean, the guy who did this, was probably raised into the worst electro-rock-hardcore influences (mainly because of his rhythmic patterns and in using synthesizers that no one will dare to use !)

This tortured spirit is Kenshi Yonezu, born in 1991.

I think this production is really original, complex and these synthetics vocals are really amazing.

After being bored by 4 tracks J-pop like (like the 15 songs which follow the fifth track) RE-BAM here comes the scary Antichlorobenzene and its sweet lyrics : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfkn9FvjH90

Man ! from 0:45, this choirs are hell incarnated !

I have nightmares and I can’t sleep anymore.

My curiosity will lost me.





1. Matryoshka
2. Antichlorobenzene


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