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Reviews of Hip-Hop Music


BlackenedWhite (2011, Fat Possum Records) USA, L.A. MellowHype is a hiphop duo with Left Brain and Hodgy Beats, both related to Tyler The Creator’s crew. First I bought this album [ … ]

Flash Bang Grenada

10 Haters (2011, Hellfyre Club) USA, L.A. You’ll find here a Busdriver’s side project with Nocando. Flash Bang Grenada is about electro productions and these two Mc’s flows. My favorite [ … ]


Beaus $ Eros (2012, Fake Four Inc.) USA, L.A. On that new album you’ll find Busdriver’s new sound, as started on “ATM” with productions by Loden. Kiss Me Back To [ … ]


Mon Corps T’Exprime (2011, D.I.Y.) France. Finally. Here is some good french hiphop. I follow, sad, the different french hiphop band these years, and nothing really new comes out (except [ … ]


Wooden Heart (2010, DIY) USA, Atlanta “A great video tells much more about that than long useless texts” E.A. in one of his school work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzj6YHxr2xg 8th album by Dan [ … ]

Dj Gero

Brawlerz (2006, Folistar) FR Dj Gero is a french DJ, Winner of the DMC 2003 World. Groovy. He released that 4 title Ep “Brawlerz” with french hiphop MC’s. The most [ … ]

Dose One

Hemisphere (1997, A Purple 100 / Anticon) USA, California I read many negative reviews of this album, but I think this album is really interesting, even if I’m not hiphop [ … ]


Ten (2004, Anticon Records) USA, California I discovered Anticon records in 2005, When Main-ro lent me the “Anticon Sampler: 1999-2004”. Doseone Flow and Voice leaves his mark on me. Then [ … ]