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Month: May 2011

Arctic Monkey

Suck It and See (2011, Domino) UK After a more cerebral 3rd album where they slightly lost themselve in their quest for originality, the band recorded a happier, more spontanious [ … ]

At The Drive-In

Relationship Of Command (2000, Fearless Records) USA, Texas. This review is for Valentine. I’m sure her father will play good music to her. At The Drive-in is a post-hardcore band [ … ]

Dark Dark Dark

Wild Go (2010, Supply And Demand Music) USA, Minneapolis. I discovered Dark Dark Dark with Spotify. It an amazing band that I recommand to every Regina Spektor or PJ Harvey [ … ]

Boom Bip

Blue Eyed In The Red Room (2005, Lex Records) USA, California. This is the typical album I bought only for one song. Do’s & Don’ts is a great song that [ … ]


Opera (2013, 31G Records) Italie. Yes a new Zeus album ! and released on 31G, classy ! What to say on that album ? More energy and more great ideas [ … ]

Rainbow Arabia

Boys And Diamond (2011, Kompakt Records) USA, California. I discovered Rainbow Arabia through Noisemag (http://www.noisemag.net/) First of all, I  loved the vocals harmonies in Hai and its huge electro production. [ … ]

Fight Paris

Paradise, Found (2005, Trustkill Records) USA, Atlanta. Only album for Fight Paris, Hardcore’n’roll band. The single of that album is Fuck Me Stilettos, with a great production : very powerful. [ … ]


Sick (2011, Swarm Of Nails, Maximum Douglas Records) France. New album for Anorak and what a hit ! The artwork is really beautiful (still made by Mamzelle Mamath). Ils ont [ … ]

Clotaire 1er

Galactic Yo Yo Yo (2011, La Mangouste Records) France. I discover Clotaire 1er through his label. Here is a good surprize in the dubstep/breakbeat/core scene. The track Leçon De Chose [ … ]