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Pile - Green And Gray - Cover

Pile – Punk-hardcore discography review

Green And Gray

(2019, Exploding in Sound Records) USA, Boston.

It’s very strange because four years ago (oops) I wanted to start working again on Radiator Hymn because of that band, and today again Pile !
This time I’ll be more regular.
So Pile is back still with a louder and even more powerful sound.
When a band reaches 6 album you might think, what is there to expect, but… You discover Lord Of Calendar and its ultimate riff variation at 1:26 rohlala.
And then you discover a fabulous other part at 2:38 in A Labyrinth With No Center.

Nobody can forget the main riff Bruxist Grin after listening to it.
I love the finale too at 5:00 in Hiding Places : wonderful ! Almost Baroness or Pallbearer like !
So for the seventh album I wait for this quality as a basis 🙂


Top 5 heart
  1. Lord Of Calendars
  2. A Labyrinth With No Center
  3. Hiding Places
  4. Bruxist Grin
  5. On A Bigger Screen

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:

A Hairshirt Of Purpose

(2017, Exploding in Sound Records) USA, Boston.

Pile - Punk-hardcore discography review - A Hairshirt Of Purpose Cover

Finally here a new album for Pile and it starts really loud with hissing for peace and its terrific finale at 2:00 amazing riff!
Even better, I love as much another powerful title : hairshirt.
Making Eyes has a beautiful intro : bravo.
Then the record ends on a very cinematographic song : fingers.
Great record !


Top 5 heart
  1. Hairshirt
  2. Hissing For Peace
  3. Fingers
  4. Making Eyes
  5. Dogs

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:

You’re Better Than This

(2015, Exploding in Sound Records) USA, Boston.

Pile - Punk-hardcore discography review - You're Better Than This Cover

Radiator Hymn is finally back ! I paused the writing for the last eight months but Pile’s music is so great that I started again, let’s share that terrific music !

I discovered them with their album “Dripping”, but I’ll give more details on that record below.

Here is their last one “You’re Better Than This” slightly different from their first albums, more risky and some more wildest guitar and vocal ideas.

So in their discography, that album may not be the easiest to access but it remains a very interesting record !

It seems to me that the song linking with their previous releases is Waking Up In The Morning, a story-teller song, with great work on the guitars and vocal melodies. Huge Finale at 3:55.

My favorite song on that record is #2 Hit Single, terrific guitar/drum riffs, makes me think of some Hella ideas and I love the Ooohooohoo’s at 1:33.

Very good work on the strings too in The World Is Your Motel and Tin Foil Hat with some à la Pissed Jeans touches.

To have in your Pile discography, great album !


Top 5 heart
  1. #2 Hit Single
  2. Waking Up In The Morning
  3. The World Is Your Motel
  4. Tin Foil Hat
  5. Mr. Fish

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:

Special Snowflakes b​/​w Mama’s Lipstick

(2014,  Exploding in Sound Records) USA, Boston.

Pile - Punk-hardcore discography review - Snowflakes Cover

3rd Ep for Pile, one more song and one more beautiful story, length 7 minutes, with Special Snowflakes and some geniously-crafted instrumental parts with one of the most beautiful Intro I’ve ever heard. Let’s not forget that powerful end.

Mama’s Lipstick is a cool ballade, with a great reversed intro.
To add in your Pile discography.


Top 5 heart
  1. Special Snowflakes
  2. Mama’s Lipstick

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:


(2012, Exploding in Sound Records) USA, Boston.

Pile - Punk-hardcore discography review - Dripping cover

I discovered Pile with that album.
The first song Baby Boy is absolutely magic, well-composed, powerful, beautiful vocals, what a hit !
Please focus to the part at 3:28, Terrific !

I think it is pretty easy to enjoy Richard Maguire’s vocals, located somewhere in between Per Almqvist, or even Jeffrey Moreira…
That album’s production is a success with a bad-ass snare, shining cymbals, clear strings…

Sun Poisoning is another great song with a terrific part at 1:09.
In my top 3 comes The Jones : that song will stuck in your head.
I love a lot Grunt Like A Pig, very powerful and noise-rock, makes me think sometimes of that german band : Gentle Veincut.
Here is another great guitar work : The Browns.

Best guitar solo on Prom Song at 3:34, very Part Chimp-esque.
Very beautiful artwork, there is nothing to dislike on that record 🙂
Another Must-have-in-your-collection !


Top 5 heart
  1. Baby Boy
  2. Sun Poisoning
  3. The Jones
  4. Grunt Like A Pig
  5. The Browns

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:

Magic Isn’t Real

(2010, D.I.Y.) USA, Boston.

Pile - Punk-hardcore discography review - Magic Isn't Real cover

Second Pile’s album. I gave a lot of focus to it, one of their best album.

You’ll be thrown directly in their universe with Uncle Jill and its huge Finale at 2:20.
I love Don’t Touch Anything‘s guitar riff and all the oohoohoohs.

Great guitar works too on Levee at 1:24 or on Pets globally.
I do love the powerful Two Snakes too.
An amazing artwork !
A Must-have-in-your-collection !


Top 5 heart
  1. Uncle Jill
  2. Don’t Touch Anything
  3. Two Snakes
  4. Levee
  5. Pets

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:

Jerk Routine

(2009, D.I.Y.) USA, Boston.

Pile - Punk-hardcore discography review - Jerk Routine cover

First Pile album and their complex style is already here, with Richard Maguire’s terrific vocals.
First time I listened to that record I focused on Fidget and its violins parts and on the part at 2:54.
I enjoyed White Knuckles, simple guitar/voice song, very efficient.

Idiot The Chef is a powerful song and I love the guitars work in Haunt.
To conclude : let’s finish perfectly that record with Works and its huge outro at 4:25.
A good album !


Top 5 heart
  1. Fidget
  2. White Knuckles
  3. Work
  4. Idiot The Chef
  5. Haunt

Listen or buy Pile’s album here:

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