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Kap Bambino

Kap Bambino - Dust, Fierce, Forever - Cover

Kap Bambino – Discography Review

Dust, Fierce, Forever

(2019, Because Music) France.

We have today Kap Bambino’s 4th album and we have an other evolution in style, that I enjoy.
You still have the punk touches like in the previous album but with an even bigger production.

Erase sums this up, all the synth riffs are terrific, the effects on vocals as well… 1:27 excellent and the break at 1:58 is absolutely huge.

Same comments on Tripodz and its unique part at 1:35 Unique !

Incredible part at 2:12 in Dust.

Then I love how the lead synth follow the singing in Nomercy.

A unique record, many riff ideas and cinematic soundscapes ! A Must-Have ! Bravo.


Top 5 heart
  1. Erase
  2. Tripodz
  3. False Fact
  4. Dust
  5. Nomercy

Listen or buy Kap Bambino’s album here:


(2012, Because Music) France.

Kap Bambino - Devotion - Cover

Here is Kap Bambino’s last album.

I have mixed feelings on that one, the production and sound is even better than the previous one, but in a less punk spirit.

My favorite song is Trapping but from 0:57 only, I really don’t like that intro, but then the brutality is perfect.

Devotion‘s chorus is pretty cool and this is good work on the effets and on the vocals processing.

The way they use choirs and saturation on Burning is a really good idea.

I love the part at 2:27 in Mer Morte.

The melody on the synthesizers in Resistance Alpha are great.

A good album overall.


Top 5 heart
  1. Trapping
  2. Resistance Alpha
  3. Devotion
  4. Burning
  5. Mer Morte

Listen or buy Kap Bambino’s album here:


(2009, Because Music) France.

Kap Bambino - Blacklist - Cover

Here is Kap Bambino’s second album,

It is a little less brutal than “Zero Life, Night Vision” but there is much more work on the melodies and it is a success. One song remains in the spirit of the previous album : Human Pills.

I love a lot the 8bit synthesizer and the guitar bass part in Lezard, it makes me think of squarepusher haha.

Blond Roses‘ chorus really remains in head.

Red Signs‘ Finale is really violent, as I like it, and I fo love the saturation on the vocals.

The part at 2:57 in Dead Lazers à la Mortal Kombat is a killer ! That song is terrific.

A very good album !


Top 5 heart
  1. Dead Lazers
  2. Blond Roses
  3. Lezard
  4. Red Sign
  5. Human Pills

Listen or buy Kap Bambino’s album here:

Zero Life, Night Vision

(2006, Wwilco Records) France.

Kap Bambino - Zero Life, Night Vision - Cover

Kap Bambino is a french electro-punk duo. Romain Cotton himself introduced me to their music, himself introduced by JB Pilon, himself intr…

Wow, what a filthy electro music with 8bit synthesizers, big saturation layers and weird melodies. All I like and this starts with New Breath.

I love the part at 0:41 in Took Life, how powerful !

The synthesizers and melodies in Save are amazing !

Hunger Texas is probably their best production work on that album.

The synthesizers work in Night Vision Ocean is huge too.

The LP got a pretty artwork.

A Must-have-in-your-collection.


Top 5 heart
  1. Save
  2. Hunger Texas
  3. Night Vision Ocean
  4. New Breath
  5. Took Life

Listen or buy Kap Bambino’s album here:

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Kap Bambino – Discography Review

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