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Grand Pianoramax

Smooth Danger

(2010, Obliqsound) France & NY

Late Leo Tardin’s album and once again a very good one.

I saw Roulette live before this cd released and that song obsessed me. I really love the research with the synthesizers and with Karsh Kale playing Tablas in the song Sleepwalk too.

You will probably love Clairvoyance which sounds like a movie soundtrack, and I love the drum riff at 1:19.

Revolver is a kind of electro song, a little apart of the others, totally funny and I can’t get bored of it.

Infidel is a very interesting build-up.

Mike Ladd offers us a great vocal performance in Domestic Bliss.

Can’t wait for the next one.




1. Roulette (Feat. Black Cracker, Karsh Kale)
2. Clairvoyance
3. Revolver
4. Infidel
5. Sleepwalk (Feat. Black Cracker, Karsh Kale)

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The Biggest Piano In Town

(2008, Obliqsound) France & NY

I discover that band through my colleague Amélie Marchier who invited me to Grand Pianoramax’s live at la Machine (Moulin Rouge).

I always am a great fan of synthesizers and Grand Pianoramax feeds my hunger.

Leo Tardin evolve in a jazz/progressive rock style very interesting.

Ride I, The Race is a song which really rocks live, with powerfull drum breaks.

Mike Ladd’s performance in Showdown is really classy too.

Coup de coeur with The Hook and Spleen’s featuring that I love.

It’s amazing to see Leo play the piano riff of Ride I, The Race in Ride II, Driftin’ with a synthesizer.

A great album.




1. Ride I, The Race
2. Showdown
3. The Hook (Feat. Spleen & Celena Glenn)
4. Ride II, Driftin’
5. In The Lab

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