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Born From A Shore

(2011, HipHipHip) France

I discovered Botibol through that amazing live video of his song Arudy : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SARxCK5ZdKU

So he just released his first album : very impressive.

First of all, the production is grand and you’ll find many musical influences in his soundscapes which will please indie rock or pop lover.

Arudy reminds me of Arcade Fire. Oh Son sounds in a way like some songs of Hugh Coltman.

We Were Foxes is a success and the very beginning is à la Biffy Clyro.

Finally Through The Mountains makes me think to Cold War Kids, so let’s stop all this comparison, I will conclude by the fact that botibol is a crossing of many pop/rock bands that I like.

He got a terrific voice, kind of Jeff Buckley, and he’s skilled in harmonies.

A Small Light In The Dark got a little dark touch and that’s great too.

A great record and I hope many more soon.




1. Arudy
2. Oh Son
3. We Were Foxes
4. A Small Light In The Dark
5. Through The Mountains

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