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Month: November 2011


Mon Corps T’Exprime (2011, D.I.Y.) France. Finally. Here is some good french hiphop. I follow, sad, the different french hiphop band these years, and nothing really new comes out (except [ … ]

The Tuss

Rushup Edge (2007, Rephlex Records) UK. First album for The Tuss. Let’s start with the main point : Death Fuck Mental Beats is work of art. As for the rhythmic [ … ]


Rewind ! (ep) (1999, Rephlex Records) UK. As a good fan of Aphex twin, I had a look to his label Rephlex Records. That’s where I saw, a couple years [ … ]

Judas Priest

Painkiller 7″ (1990, Columbia Records) UK. Painkiller is my favorite metal song from all times. Give it a try : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM__lPTWThU It was my first guitar teacher, Stéphane Legrand, who [ … ]