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The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower


(2006, Artfag) USA, California

Last Ep for The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower.

That Ep is really surprizing because it is much more slow and rock than “Love In The Fascist Brothel”.

Anyway the two songs INRI and Boys Keep Swinging are really well composed and recorded.

Boys Keep Swinging has a nice rock’n’roll touch, and the choirs are great.

Honorable mention goes to INRI’s remix by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s  Nick Zinner (in Head Wound City too).

Good job.




2. Boys Keep Swinging


Love In The Fascist Brothel

(2005, Three One G) USA, California

Karl (Six Feet Over / Mediocratie / Tol Eressëa) introduced me to that band with this album.
In deed Karl introduced me to many major band through is cardboard CD box with 31g treasures and other good stuffs.

I think that without him, I would have listen to Dave only all live long.

“Love In The Fascist Brothel” is an Grand punk album.
With all the provocation which goes with ha ha. I really like this powerful live video for the song Reichstag Rock : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOFyVhnyM1A

The part at 1:15 in Exile On Vein Street is simply terrific.

Love In The Sex Prison is genius.

I love the guitar effects on Drake The Fake.

I can’t stop singing : “What color are his eyes ? Yellow like leather banana, I heard he’s tall ? I got to jump up to spit in his face”

Finally Lawnmower Love is the most brutal, lofi and rock’n’roll song of the album.

“Love In The Fascist Brothel” is a Must-Have-Or-Never-Talk-Music-With-Me-Ever ha ha.




1. Reichstag Rock
2. Exile On Vein Street
3. Love In The Sex Prison
4. Drake The Fake
5. Lawnmower Love


If You Cut Us, We Bleed (Ep)

(2004, Happy Couples Never Last) USA, California

That Ep is really interesting because in between their softest album “Dissertation Honey” and their punkest album “Love In The Fascist Brothel”, which points to a more punchy style.

You can see this clearly in For Francis, a very powerful and fast song.

If You Cut Us, We Bleed shows a typical element of their music : the way that they alternate very fast rich and complex chords.

Green Cars is the softest track of that Ep, I really love its Finale.

Again, really good !




1. For Francis
2. If You Cut Us, We Bleed
3. Green Cars


Dissertation Honey

(2003, Three One G) USA, California

The Plot To blow Up The Eiffel Tower is a noise/rock band from San Diego totally unique.

All of them are skilled and talented musicians, with a really good production/sound engineer since their first album.

They’re known too for their provocatives live shows.

Johnny, You’re All Grown Up, Comeback 1968 or Circuit are typicals TPTBUTET songs, with that amazing energy and harmony sense.

For Marcus is a moving song with a really surprizing funky break at 1:02.

The chorus in Sometimes I Wish I’d Lost A Leg reminds in mind with still their noise touch (Either with the guitar effects, or with the Brass).

I only regret one thing : I never saw them live.

A Must Have.

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