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Moan Loose

(2010, Horse Arm Records) UK, London.

Poino - Moan Loose

Get your LP copy right now, few left from their limited (500 copies) edition !

It is the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen this year.

It’s the great Romain Lesaffre who introduced me to Poino’s music, when we were having lunch next to les Divans du Monde, during our practice sessions for the Secrete sessions in Paris. He was listing to me the great bands à la Part Chimp.

Romain’s right, Poino kicks ass and do it from the very first song Previous He (Terrific part at 2:04 and I love the bass guitar part at 0:49), what a weird, but great, vocal performance.

The part at 0:52 in Strength of a Cowboy is absolutely awesome.

I love Snakes Say Wow‘s energy.

I love the crazy part at 1:50 in Code Brown.

Sex Pesto‘s Finale from 3:18 is terrific.

Excellent work and I can’t wait for a new release !




1. Previous He
2. Strength of a Cowboy
3. Snakes Say Wow
4. Sex Pesto
5. Code Brown

You can listen to all Poino’s songs on their bandcamp page for free : http://poino.bandcamp.com/

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