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(2008, Transgressive Records) UK, Oxford.

Foals - Antidotes

Foals is an english rock band.

First time I listened to that band was on my ex-roommate(Jacques-André Dupont)’s computer. It sounded like a new à la Bloc Party band, Why not ?

There is differences : A more technical drum play, a more nervous style, some taping parts (The French Open, The “Air sur la terre” chorus is funny and the song sounds Battles-like) and interesting delays effects like in Olympic Airways.

Foals released then two other albums I didn’t like. It’s like they chose to avoid what made them different ! Like restarting the band from zero. Like a duck with no head still running. Like the liberty statue without its right hand. Like Dunkirk without Reuze Tower.

The most interesting tracks are the one with saxophone (like in Cassius, the terrific Balloons or the instrumental Heavy Water).

A very good album.




1. Cassius
2. Balloons
3. The French Open
4. Olympic Airways
5. Heavy Water

Foals’ official website : http://www.foals.co.uk/

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