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Idiot Saint Crazy


(2012, D.I.Y) France, Dunkerque.

Idiot Saint Crazy - 12.12.12

Second album by Idiot Saint Crazy.

You’ll find the ambiances from the first album plus an awesome sound and some à la Meshuggah parts, and all that since the very first Weltanschauung and its terrific Finale.

I’m happy to find in I WTF some parts of I (Really) Want To Fight on his first album, but now with vocals ans synthesizers which is great.

My favorite song is The Fragrance Of Love (huge break at 2:00, and I love how the vocals arrive at 2:22). The vocals are a huge enhancement of Valentin’s music, I remember loving that son when he played live the 24th of April 2012 at L’international, Paris.

Idiot Saint Crazy’s live show is something : it is a one-man-band with many loops and a crazy pedalboard.

Adule Et Sent is genius : Valentin masters his guitar and his delays effects.

The build up in 12.12.12 with Bishneit Frustuck Skeleton‘s theme is a success.

I loved Frisson Frippon with great soundscapes (baryton saxophon …) and very interesting melodic phrasing (here is a live video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alHxd70oxUM)

A very good album, I can’t wait for the next one.

Mega bonus, Dunkirk Counterpointless‘s terrific video clip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCNO6DYq8vk




1. The Fragrance Of Love
2. I WTF
3. Weltanschauung
4. Frisson Frippon
5. 12.12.12

You can listen to all the songs for free on the band bandcamp page : http://idiotsaintcrazy.bandcamp.com/

Fluo Dead Boy

(2007, Le Cluricaun) France, Dunkerque.

Idiot Saint Crazy - Fluo Dead Boy

Idiot Saint Crazy, aka Valentin Carette, is a friend and a guitar hero.

He plays in the band Yolk and in many other projects, where his brother, Antonin, plays bass guitar. Antonin plays trumpet as well in Ing Ong.

Valentin’s great power is to create true and complex universes : Sublime.

Reference-wise, you’ll think of Secret Chief 3, Mr. Bungle or Fantomas.

The first riff in I (Really) Want To Fight remains in mind.

My favorite song is The Street, I love the Camille Saint-Säens touch in that song.

Delphine Delegorgue’s vocals are superb and really impressive in ISC’s Waltz.

You’ll dance all night long on the surf-rock Bishneit Frustuck Skeleton.

I love the part at 1:51 in Ing Ong, what a crazy song..

A very good record.




1. The Street
2. I (Really) Want To Fight
3. Bishneit Frustuck Skeleton
4. ISC’s Waltz
5. Ing Ong


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