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Sticky Boys

This Is Rock’n’Roll

(2012, Listenable Records) France.

Sticky Boys - This Is Rock'n'Roll

I discovered Sticky Boys because I played with them at the parisian’s Secret sessions in 2012.

That trio plays a simple but efficient rock music. Their music smells like power and good vibes. I do love Andrew W.K. so that recipe worked for me.

The guitars rock, The drums rock, The backing vocals rock and the vocals rock : Do you need something else ? Let’s take that straight in your face from the huge Rock’n’Roll Nation and its great chorus that will remain in your mind for days.

The Chorus in Great Big Dynamite is really catchy.

You don’t need me to realize how the artwork is terrific. You should see them live to take your dose of rock, and to state how the drawing really matches with them haha.

The guitar’s riffs in Fat Boy Charlie and Big Thrill are great.

Miss Saturday Night‘s backing vocals kill me haha “Miss Saturday night – Alright – She shines – All night long”.

A good album !




1. Rock’n’Roll Nation
2. Great Big Dynamite
3. Big Thrill
4. Miss Saturday Night
5. Fat Boy Charlie

Some of the tracks are available for free on Sticky Boys’ bandcamp page : http://stickyboys.bandcamp.com/

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