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I Monster


(2004, Dharma Records) France.

I Monster - Neveroddoreven

My great friend Pauline Donuts, introduced me to I Monster’s music with Heaven.

I Monster is an english electro-rock duo who plays a wide panel of music’s style.

Heaven is a total success. The vocoder effect on the vocals is perfectly brought. I’m really surprized of the rhythmic patterns. First time I heard that kind of effects was on Leila Arab’s songs (Mollie, 2008).

In a totally different universe, there is that english rock song that I love, still with the vocoder thing, named Hey Mrs. (Glamour Puss Mix).

Then comes Daydream In Blue that many people know, probably from a movie or an ad, but I start to get bored with that song.

Stobart’s Blues is cool.

Some very good songs on a very heterogeneous album.




1. Heaven
2. Hey Mrs. (Glamour Puss Mix)
3. Daydream In Blue
4. Stobart’s Blues

I Monster’s official website : http://www.imonstermusic.com/

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