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DJ Diamond

Flight Muzik

(2011, Planet Mu Records) USA, Chicago.

DJ Diamond - Flight Muzik

I discovered DJ Diamond randomly. Hail to random !

First of all, I was attracted by his terrific artwork (one of my favorite in 2011).

You play the CD and What a slap ! (Uh)

I started being bored with electro music these days and Dj Diamond created his strong identity.

He offers us a kind of micro-sampling and on the top, instead of adding heavy kick/bass (to be in the current trend), he adds some fine glitchy rhythmic patterns (Horns).

Then, he just plays with the sample (like in Speakerz’n’Tonguez or Pop The Trunk)

I really appreciate the Santigold sample in Go Hard.

A Must-have.

I can’t wait to listen to his next record.




1. Uh
2. Pop The Trunk
3. Speakerz’n’Tonguez
4. Go Hard
5. Horns

Les titres sont en écoute sur le lien ci-dessous.

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