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Pop / Alternative Rock

The Volcanos

Surf Quake

(1996, Estrus Records) USA, Detroit.

The Volcanos - Surf Quake

My friend Romain Cotton introduced me to the music by The Volcanos.

It is a traditionnal surf rock album.

Like in any surf rock album you’ll find a perfect linearity of the sound and the production. It is pretty well recorded with efficient basses and wonderful guitars. All that from the very first song Deora.

My favorite song is Whirlpool with a fast and impressive guitar riffs which will remain in your mind a life long. (I love the part at 1:54).

It is hard for me to say which song is better than another on that album so I won’t do it.

The following songs got great riffs and deserve to be listened to haha :

Surfin St. Helen, Sand Crab and Half Moon Bay.

A great album !




1. Whirlpool
2. Surfin St. Helens
3. Deora
4. Sand Crab
5. Half Moon Bay

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The Volcanos’ myspace page : http://www.myspace.com/thevolcanos

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