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Pop / Alternative Rock

Civil Civic


(2011, A Gross Domestic Product) Londres/Barcelone.

Civil Civic - Rules

I discovered Civil Civic in Noisemag http://www.noisemag.net/ 2011’s Best-Of and what a surprize !

This band is a trio, two third human, because it is a rythm box, Aaron playing guitars and Benjamin playing Bass. Both play keyboards as well.

They play a refreshing instrumental pop/rock fresh and efficient.

First of all I loved the Grand Street Trap, its terrific bass riff and its great guitar melodies : sick !

I love a lot Less Unless and its guitar reverse effect which reminds me in a way of Bashung’s Ma Petite Entreprise.

Riffs in Grey Nurse and Sky Delay are superbe.

Finally Run Overdrive has a great theme !





1. Street Trap
2. Less Unless
3. Grey Nurse
4. Sky Delay
5. Run Overdrive

Tous les morceaux sont en écoute streaming sur le site de Civil Civic, mais je recommande d’acheter l’excellent support physique.

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