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Black Elk

Always A Six, Never A Nine

(2008, Crucial Blast Records) USA, Portland.

I discovered Black Elk, because we were offered to play with them in Lille but it didn’t happen.

What a hit ! That band offers us a music in between Akimbo, The Jesus Lizard or Haust (Old My Head is really in the middle of all these bands).

Hospital is the single, which beautiful guitar harmonies and terrific vocal performance (at 2:23).

The guitar effects are great in Stab and reminds me of Mastodon sometimes.

The part at 2:27 in My Last Shred Of Decency is awesome.

Really like too the taping part at 2:00 in Pig Crazy.

I can’t wait for a new release.

A must have dans ta collec.




1. Hospital
2. Stab
3. My Last Shred Of Decency
4. Hold My Head
5. Pig Crazy


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