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Cast Spells

Bright Works and Baton

(2010, Sargent House) USA, Illinois

Cast Spells is a folk band very interesting, which I discovered on the internet on their label’s website : Sargent House (Tera Melos, Fang Island, Zach Hill…).
Dave Davison’s voice qualifies the most that band.
Glamorous Glowing is this Ep’s single. The instrumentation is awesome and the riffs stuck in head.
This is true too for Pionner Scalps or War Story Hellos, which remind me Hugh Coltman’s music.
Cast Spells love bells : some are in Glamorous Glowing but in Potted Plant too with a very good production.

The Ep finishes with A Badge, a moving anthem : It’s hard to resist to sing with Dave in unison !

A successful Ep, I can’t wait for the full length !




1. Glamorous Glowing
2. Pionner Scalps
3. War Story Hellos
4. Potted Plant
5. A Badge


Cast Spells / Good Old War Split

(2009, Sargent House) USA, Illinois

Cast Spells - Good Old War Split

First Ep for Cast Spells.

I’m repeating myself but Dave Davison voice is really impressive and moving.
The Chorus in All Brass is beautiful and its Finale Grand.
Letters is much more calm and I like a lot the guitar riff.
I didn’t know Good Old War before but it’s well done, mainly with their vocals harmonies (Texas Blues).
I love too Breaking Down from 0:48.
A good split cd.




1. All Brass
2. Letters
3. Breaking Down
4. Texas Blues


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