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Jackson And His Computer Band


(2005, Warp Records) France.

Jackson And His Computer Band - Smash

Here is the first album by Jackson And His Computer Band, One of the only french Warp’s signature.

I remember that jako made me listen to Arpeggio and Jackson music was so surprizing with all these wide reverb and samples layers. I love the part at 2:42.

What a beautiful mother’s day gift : Rock On is one of my favorite song in this record. The synthesizers at 2:21 are genius.

Tropical Metal is really interesting : I love the melody and I like how he adds layers of piano. It reminds me of the japanese band Deceptikon.

The part at 2:09 in Teen Beat Ocean is terrific.

Finally Headache won’t give you some : When the rhythmic part arrives at 0:36, the party starts.

There is three songs not in my top 5 that I love : first, Minidoux, really simple but with awesome harmonies.

There is too TV Dogs (Cathodica’s Letter) with a featuring with Mike Ladd, who did great with Grand Pianoramax.

I like the beginning of Fast Life.

Jackson deserve his Warp deal : A Must Have.

We want more !




1. Arpeggio
2. Rock On Feat. Paula Moore
3. Teen Beat Ocean
4. Headache
5. Tropical Metal


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