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Mon Corps T’Exprime

(2011, D.I.Y.) France.

Mochelan - Mon Corps T'Exprime


Here is some good french hiphop.

I follow, sad, the different french hiphop band these years, and nothing really new comes out (except maybe Jonaz, Non-stop and Fuzati)

And then : Mochelan : here is the magic cocktail : Original production, Terrific voice and strong identity then smart-ass lyrics with a good flow.

Let’s listen to these tracks, after noticing this great artwork (I love combination of à-la-Epinal pictures).

There is two parts on that record : Thèse / Antithèse.

I must admit that I don’t really like the acoustic tracks, but it’s my bad : I listened too young too much The Locust and Hella.

But at least, the voice is more in front in the mix and you’ll better appreciate the quality of his lyrics.

I really love Notre Ville lyrics.

Then come the Antithèse part, electro and that was a big slap in my face.

My favorite track is Ah Ouais (evenif some may think it’s Alors Ouais).

A totally crazy production, crafted by the hands of the fine Listel Drinker, Max Landers.

I don’t say that because Max is a friend/co-worker, but it’s true : these piano riffs flaping in the air : well-done.

The mix is well-done and don’t struggle the voice : a master work.

“On choisit mal sa vie quand on choisit mal son vin” (To save in my punchline stock)

In the same vein : Incidence, Le Futur et Le Plus Barge and their delicatessen lyrics (cf Salvateur Dali).

Fine, Visionnary, We want more !




1. Alors Ouais !
2. Incidence
3. Le Futur
4. Notre Ville
5. Le Plus Barge

You can listen to mochelan songs, streamed on his bandcamp site.

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