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Pilöt Kidz

Pilöt - Walking In RÖws - Cover

Walking In RÖws

(2013, D.I.Y.) France.

The band changes its drummer and modify its name for Pilöt Kidz.

I discovered them live at Bus Palladium in Paris the 12th of April 2013.

The drummer plays powerful rhythmic patterns, The keyboard/Guitar player creates great ambiences and Alex (vocals) gives energy.

You’ll enter that universe on that album and one song that sums up all these points is my favorite track : Big Daddy’s Rocket Field with its efficient chorus.

Alex’s voice is original and interesting, and that from the very first song Sunshine (well-done that idea of tom’s pattern)

There is a moving ambience in Pink Show and in its little sister Pink Slow.

I like the bass guitar line in Golgotha Mikojet and its strings parts.

A good album and a band to see live !




1. Big Daddy’s Rocket Field
2. Pink Show
3. Sunshine
4. Golgotha Mikojet
5. Pink Slow

You can stream for free all Pilöt Kidz’s songs here : http://pilot-kidz.bandcamp.com/



(2011, D.I.Y.) France

Last album under the name Pilöt.

Mantes Religieuse is a masterpiece of composition in layers. These multiple riffs will remain in head, as for the flute.

I enjoy that noise rock touch in Cheese Cake.

The vocals and the instruments are finely played in Wedding.

Some good songs.




1. Mantes Religieuse
2. Cheese Cake
3. Wedding

You can stream for free all Pilöt Kidz’s songs here : http://pilot-kidz.bandcamp.com/album/m-ther

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