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Buke And Gase

General Dome

(2013, Brassland Records) USA, NY.

Buke And Gase - General Dome

Here is Buke And Gase new album, Finally !

The sound is a little bit more impressive, the mix at its finest and the album itself very interesting.

I had to listen to it several time to get into it, but I guess it’s because this album is slower, kind of calm compare to the previous one, probably because there is less rhythms played on the kick drum, except the main beat. They kind of lost a little bit of the punk spirit from their early recordings, but it makes that album sound more professionnal which is great.

Indeed, The first seven tracks don’t really talk to me, except the amazing Hiccup already noticed on their previous Ep.

The first part which moves me is the one at 2:42 in You Do Yours First : genius.

This album single is for me Contortion In Training. The vocal harmonies are awesome and the guitars melt into an interesting soundscape. What a finale at 3:10 !

Cyclopean starts in a weird way with this autotune effect but I do love the parts at 1:18.

My Best Andre Shot is the song which sounds the most like one of their previous album.

Metazoa is an amusing track.

A very good album.




1. Contortion In Training
2. My Best Andre Shot
3. You Do Yours First
4. Cyclopean
5. Metazoa


Function Falls (Ep)

(2012, Brassland Records) USA, NY.

Buke and Gase - Function Falls

New Buke and Gase Ep, and the band just changed his name. They changed a letter to be precise.

Another change too : they add harmony-effects on the vocals and it’s pretty well done (like in Misshaping Introduction)

I listened to these songs at their live in NYC. They were opening for Deerhoof @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, the 17th of September 2012.

What a terrific show ! Huge.

Tending The Talk is a build-up and the way the layers arrive is well-done.

Hiccup is really catchy and the vocals awesome as always.

Blue Monday is a New Order’s cover : Terrific and I like the break at 2:18 haha.

Another great EP, I can’t wait for their second album !




1. Tending The Talk
2. Hiccup
3. Misshaping Introduction
4. Blue Monday

You can stream the songs for free on that bandcamp page : http://bukeandgase.bandcamp.com/



(2010, Brassland Records) USA, NY.

Buke and Gass - Riposte

First album from Buke and Gass and what a success !

You’ll be amazed from the very first song Medulla Oblongata, What a composition skill and what a performance ! (I love particullary the part at 1:04).

The energy and harmonies in Page Break are stuning.

The vocal performed in Revel In Contempt are superb.

The part at 2:35 in Red Hood Came Home is really catchy.

Then I really love the end of Outt ! at 1:47.

They are great composers, but talented players too, as you can see in this live video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wQv60dxAUU

The artwork is very beautiful.

A must-have-dans-ta-collec !




1. Medulla Oblongata
2. Page Break
3. Revel In Contempt
4. Red Hood Came Home
5. Outt !

You can stream the songs for free on that bandcamp page : http://bukeandgase.bandcamp.com/

+/- (Ep)

(2008, D.I.Y.) USA, NY.

Buke and Gass - +/-

First Ep from this New York duo.

They offer original folk music.

Arone plays a Buke (Barytone Ukulele) with bells on her feet and Aron play a Gass (mix between Guitar and Bass Guitar) and some drums.

I discovered them randomly with Rachael, they were opening for Deerhoof in NYC.

What a hit ! What a sound ! What a voice !

You’ll find most of this ep’s songs on their first album “Riposte”

But the two exclusive tracks on that ep are great !

The way that the Ep starts with Run For You is brilliant.

I really love the ambiances at 2:33 in Bring Your Knives and the powerful sound of the Gass.

A great Ep !




1. Bring Your Knives
2. Run For You

You can stream the songs for free on that bandcamp page : http://bukeandgass.bandcamp.com/album/-

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