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Beaus $ Eros

(2012, Fake Four Inc.) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - Beaus $ Eros

On that new album you’ll find Busdriver’s new sound, as started on “ATM” with productions by Loden.

Kiss Me Back To Life is in that vein, with that melodic vocals much more than traditionnal hiphop flow.

I love the way this albums starts with Utilitarian Uses Of Love (amazing part at 2:13) and I love this synthesizer à la Jean-Michel Jarre haha.

Busdriver fast-flow is back on NoBlackNoJewsNoAsians with another great prod.

I love the detune variations in Beaus $ Eros’ production.

A good album.




1. Utilitarian Uses Of Love
2. Kiss Me Back To Life
3. NoBlackNoJewsNoAsians
4. Beaus $ Eros


ATM 7″

(2012, Polyvinyl Record Cie.) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - ATM

Colour Wheel was a crazy hit for me on that beautiful blue sky 7″.

The production is terrific and the vocals really weird. I love the part at 2:40.

Ass To Mouth sounds much better in live than on the record at Busdriver’s live @ Le Glazart in Paris the 6th of May 2009.

(Here is a video from that live : http://www.mowno.com/videos/live/busdriver-live-at-glazart-paris/)

For fans, as these songs are available on “Beaus $ Eros”




1. Colour Wheel
2. Ass to Mouth


Jhelli Beam

(2009, Anti Records) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - Jhelli Beam

What a yummy metallic hotdog.

That album is in “Roadkillovercoat”‘s vein with electro productions like in Least Favorite Rapper which remains in mind.

My favorite song on that album is Unsafe Sextet / Gilded Hearts of Booklovers with its amazing production and a great part at 3:00.

Me Time makes me thinkf of Imaginary Places in 2009, but a little bit too happy for me.

Manchuria is a success production-wise. I love too what is done on the vocals. You can make the same comments on I’ve Always Known.

Another good album.




1. Unsafe Sextet / Gilded Hearts of Booklovers
2. I’ve Always Known
3. Least Favorite Rapper
4. Me Time
5. Manchuria



(2007, Epitaph) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - Roadkillovercoat

Let’s start to state a truth : What a beautiful artwork. Bravo !

Casting Agents and Cowgirl‘s videoclip is great and the theme will stick to your mind : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JItQ4Kg5Zy8

Less Yes’s and More No’s has a very interesting rhythmic pattern and I love how Busdriver plays with it.

Kill Your Employer is a killer on stage and on record !

Etheral Driftwood got another high-level production and a genius part at 1:49.

Another song I love is The Troglodyte Wins which is almost impossible to forget, everything is perfect : Production, flow and melodies. One of my favorite Busdriver’s songs.

There are other amazing songs on that album as his crazy flow on Kill Floor or Secret Skin‘s amazing production.

A Must-Have-In-Your-Collection !




1. Kill Your Employer
2. The Troglodyte Wins
3. Less Yes’s, More No’s
4. Casting Agents And Cowgirls
5. Ethereal Driftwood


Fear Of A Black Tangent

(2005, Mush Records) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - Fear of a Black Tangent

Busdriver is back with the album which includes the great Avantcore. Here is its videoclip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HalDFVVo4aY. You’ll find again Busdriver’s success’ recipe : Great production, flow and melodies.

The rhythmic complexity and the sicks flows of Busdriver on Map Your Psyche make it an absolute slap.

The way he sings on Reheated Pop ! and Wormholes shows us his new aesthetic of his future records. Once again : terrific productions.

This album beats all speed record and what a slap on Happiness (‘s Unit of Measurement)

Very good, again.




1. Avantcore
2. Map Your Psyche
3. Reheated Pop !
4. Wormholes
5. Happiness (‘s Unit of Measurement)


Cosmic Cleavage

(2004, Big Dada Recordings) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - Cosmic Cleavage

This Busdriver’s album is very jazzy.

The productions here are violins and contrabass lines, like in Cosmic Cleavage.

My favorite song on that album is Kev’s Blistering Computer Tan And Driver’s Rapper’s Rapper Moniker, huge production and flow, what more ?

I love a lot Unnecessary Thinking for its production and the flows between him and Abstract Rude.

Beauty Supply And Demand and the instrumental song She-Hulk Dehorning The Illusionist are interesting.

Some good songs.




1. Kev’s Blistering Computer Tan And Driver’s Rapper’s Rapper Moniker
2. Unnecessary Thinking
3. Cosmic Cleavage
4. Beauty Supply And Demand
5. She-Hulk Dehorning The Illusionist


The Weather (split w/ Radioinactive & Daedelus)

(2012, Fake Four Inc.) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - The Weather

Here is a special album with Mcs Busdriver and Radioinactive and Daedelus’ productions.

One of the most efficient song is Glorified Hype Man, I love how the high-pitched notes come out of the flow.

The flow-speed are very impressive in Raffle Ticket Blues at 2:25 and the minimalist piano prod works. Very fast too in Name Forgetter with an amazing performance by Radioinactive at 2:25.

The filtered production of DJ Furry is classy.

The Duo-speed-singing in Sleep Standing Up is great.

Some good songs.




1. Name Forgetter
2. Glorified Hype Man
3. Raffle Ticket Blues
4. Sleep Standing Up
5. DJ Furry


This Machine Kill Fashion Tips

(2002, D.I.Y.) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - This Machine Kills Fashion Tips

So if I’m correct this CD-R is the sum of Busdriver’s first release and some other songs.

This albums sounds really D.I.Y. and you’ll find some pearls.

I love how Countdown sounds and the two flows of Busdriver and Ellay Khule.

Enlightenment, Heatwave and Bare In Mind make me think of some tracks on “Memoirs Of The Elephantman” with fast flows and weird productions.

The electric guitars and rhythmic patterns in Language Barrier are cool.

Some good songs.




1. Enlightenment
2. Countdown
3. Language Barrier
4. Heatwave
5. Bare In Mind


Temporary Forever

(2002, Temporary Whatever) USA, L.A.

Busdriver - Temporary Forever

There it is ! The album with Imaginary Places !

I first discovered Busdriver because of his featuring with T.T.C. and then with that song.

The melodies remain in mind and the speed of his flow is unbelievable, as you can see on that live video :


I saw him twice live and that song was perfectly performed. Now I want to invest in imaginary places.

The bass line in Idle Chatter is terrific and carries perfectly Busdriver’s flow and I love how he sings with the clarinet.

Amazing production too on Mindcrossings.

The contrast between how slow the production is and how fast Regan sings is on Gun Control is genius.

The way he follows the tempo variations on Single Cell Ego is very impressive.

There is other crazy-fast-flow songs as The Truth Of Spontaneous Human Combustion or Reality Sandwich.

The artwork is beautiful.

Another album you shouldn’t miss.




1. Imaginary Places
2. Idle Chatter
3. Gun Control
4. Single Cell Ego
5. MindCrossings


Memoirs Of The Elephantman

(1999, Afterlife Recordz) USA, NY

Busdriver - Memoirs of Elephantman

Busdriver, his real name Regan Farquhar, is a very talented american rapper, with an impressive and very-fast flow : one of the fastest in the world.

A couple rappers made a very fast song in their carreer (Twista, Busta Rhymes…) but Busdriver wrote more than ten really fast songs and it is really impressive to see him perform all these long texts live and perfectly !

Busdriver’s texts are amazing, absurds and abstracts (triple A).

What an amazing live @ le Point Ephémère,Paris the 24th of October 2011, where he signed my copy of “Memoirs Of The Elephantman”, what a groupie I am.

I do love this album, with dark productions and a lot of work on the timber and vocal performance, like in Neva Bite the Hand that Serves You.

Another song with a crazy vocal perfomance is Painkillas, I love this song alot and I would like to see Busdriver perform it live once haha.

Overshadow’s bass line is amazing.

The weird ambience in Night of the Living Dead is weird and makes think of what Tyler the Creator and his crew do nowadays.

What a speed in Blank Space !

A Must-Have-In-your-Collection !




1. Painkillas
2. Neva Bite the Hand that Serves You
3. Overshadow
4. Night of the Living Dead
5. Blank Space


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