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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ?

Snapshot Lamento

(2007, DIY) Luxembourg.

D.A.D.O.E.S is an awesome Screamo/Hardcore band. I was lucky to see them at Ieperfest 2008 edition, just before they split.

After a really powerful intro with Renaissance and its terrific part at 1:05, you’ll enjoy Réveille and its great part too at 1:39.

You just have to listen to Cité Radieuse to appreciate their great skills in composition and melodies. there is many breaks in that song and they all rock (and what a Finale at 2:28).

I love how the main riff comes back at the end at 3:09 in 4 Shots.

I really like too New Voice Finale.

L’artwork is well done and the lyrics are politically commited and with many details.

A Must Have.




1. Cité Radieuse
2. Réveille
3. Renaissance
4. 4 Shots
5. New Voice



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