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Africa Hitech

93 Million Miles

(2011, Warp Records) UK.

Africa Hitech - 93 Million Miles

I just received this new Warp release, collaboration of Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313) and Steve Spacek.

Let’s start with a major song : Do U Wanna Fight ?

I listen to that song everyday since its released : I was really impressed by this concept of mixing experimental electronic music , a traditional african beat and this terrific autotuned vocals very finely.

This is music’s future.

I  was a little bit disappointed to don’t find other songs like that. The other tracks are more kind of minimale electro, which I don’t really appreciate (except Our Luv and its funny video games part at 7:00).

I really like the song Foot Step with an awesome synthesizer made by Mark, with a great rhythmic pattern too.

I can’t wait for another release with more song with vocals.




1. Do U Wanna Fight ?
2. Foot Step
3. Our Luv



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