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Look What I Did

Atlas Drugged

(2010, Modernist Movement Records) USA, Tennessee.

Look What I Did - Atlas Drugged

I discovered that band with Fabrice Aure, and their videoclip for I’m Majoring In Psychologyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu3qYl0NGYE

First of all, I really liked their sound and their sides à la Daughters. The part at 0:57 is terrific.

Some of the riffs reminds me of the rock’n’roll riffs from Everytime I Die.

Serf Song at 0:30 reminds me of Man Man’s music a little. In that songs, the choirs are great !

Fade To Daft is really weird but well-done.

I love My New Girlfriend, Leo Strauss and its finale at 2:28.

I think that in the other songs the pop side is too strong and I don’t really like it.

We can’t help but notice the good artwork.

Some good songs.




1. I’m Majoring In Psychology
2. Serf Song
3. Fade To Daft
4. My Girlfriend, Leo Strauss


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