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Nuclear Rabbit


(2003, DIY) USA, California.

Cover de Nuclear Rabbit - Mutopia

I discover  Nuclear Rabbit on an Arno Matendouce’s compilation.

This record is really, really hard to find (at an affordable price) but I finally found one.

This band is a total musical UFO with 4 crazy guys and a bass player who play on 9, 11 or 30 strings bass.

The bass play is really technical and in the foreground in the mix (and the guitar in the very background sometimes) (What Would A Man-He Do ?).

The vocals are really weird, but after listening this album again and again I finally liked it.

The drums are interesting like in Alone With My Clone.

The real power of the Nuclear Rabbit is skills to create great ambiences and efficient riffs like in Lemmings and its great part at 0:44.

I really love Look Who’s Crossed-Eyed Now ! intro and its terrific (indian ?) part at 2:41.

The artwork is great too.

A Must Have.




1. Lemmings
2. Look Who’s Crossed-Eyed Now !
3. What Would He-Man Do ?
4. Alone With My Clone
5. The Midgetaur



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