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Désarroi Esthétique

(2011, Hip Hip Hip Records) France.

Heliport - Désarroi Esthétique

French with a sound like that ? What a surprize !

Heliport’s music is in between a angry Bloc Party, The Fall of Troy, Tera Melos or one of this band from Norway (Rumble In Rhodos, the latest Jr Ewing’s release…)

I really appreciate the great production and the strings sound.

But added to that great production there is great skills in composition too: Great riffs ! (like in Patchwork Of Black And White or Désarroi Esthétique).

There is great things with the vocals (A Signal To Jersey), and with great baking vocals too (Waiting For The Frame).

There is some screaming : Jérome Kerviel Is A Market Man, great.

The only weird think is their accent, but maybe this will charm you english people !

To be continued !




1. Patchwork Of Black And White
2. Désarroi Esthétique
3. Waiting For The Frame
4. Signal To Jersey
5. Jérome Kerviel Is A Market Man

Free streaming here: http://heliport.bandcamp.com/


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