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Pop / Alternative Rock

Paul Simon


(1986, Warner Bross) USA, New Jersey

Cover de Paul Simon - Graceland

I surprize myself in reviewing Paul Simon, what made me rename the Alternative Rock category in Pop / Rock Alternative.

I was in an American Apparel shop in Richmond when I listened You can call me Al in the speaker. I was moved by the groovy bass run by Bakithi Kumalo. I was sure that I was listening to a new Vampire Weekend’s song.
Then I looked at home on the internet and I found this album from 1986, “Graceland” which probably inspired the Vampires. Same kind of vocals, rythms and bass lines. 

After a deceiving first song, let’s listen to Graceland with this funny melody on guitar which makes you dance and this “parental advisory” lyrics :

There is a girl in New York City,
Who calls herself the human trampoline

Some other songs follow the same concept like Crazy Love, Volume II. You’ll find some Grindcore-high-speed tempos in Gumboots and let’s end this mythic album with the amazing All around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints.




1. You can call me Al
2. Graceland
3. All around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints
4. Crazy Love, volume II
5. Gumboots


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