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P Money

Money Over Everyone (mixtape)

(2009, Avalanche Music) UK

First I was lucky to meet Patrick VocalTeknix, then he introduces me to the amazing grime of P Money.
I always loved grime : mix of Hiphop, Electro, powerfull rythms and fast flows.
“Money over Everyone” provides 20 songs with a well-done production and mastering.

My favorite song is Left The Room, really powerfull with an heady flow and an interesting production.
Then I like Hot Ones with an hypnotic rythm and at 3:50 it remember me Puppetmastaz. I enabled loop mode for that song on my iphone when I was walking for miles from stands to stands in Amsterdam @ IBC 2010.

Fruits and Veg works with a question/answer structure, one basic voice and the other one with a Walkie-Talkie effect which is original.

I love to the “MarioBross”-like song 1 Up and Cash in my Pocket with Wiley featuring aka one King of Grime.

Here are some links to youtube to discover his music.




1. Left The Room
2. Hot Ones
3. Fruits and Veg
4. Cash in my Pocket
5. 1 UP


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