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King of the Beach

(2010, Fat Possum Records) USA, California

Cover de Wavves - King of the Beach

“Let the sun burn my eyes / Let it burn my back” King of the Beach

First of all, I respect a band who becomes famous with a so Lofi second album “Wavvves” (Reviewed soon).

It’s a kind of Rock/Noise band, with some grunge sides à la Nirvana in songs like Take on the World. They keep a Lofi style in songs like Super Soaker or Idiot but more efficients because controlled.
Post Acid
is in my opinion the best song, pretty good played and with catchy vocals melodies. Every songs sounds pretty young with some Blink 182’s aspects as someone told me.

The last Linus Head is really interesting, which make the whole album-with-an-ugly-cover very indie and interesting.




1. Post Acid
2. King of the Beach
3. Take on the World
4. Linus Spacehead
5. Super Soaker


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