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Lil Wayne

I’m not a Human Being

(2010, young Money) USA, NY

“uhhh, swag on infinity ” Lil Wayne.

I just received Lil Wayne’s eighth album and I’m surprised to find back what I loved in “Tha Carter III”.

I was disappointed with “Rebirth”, because I thought his hiphop/rock mix wasn’t well-done.

Lil Wayne loves Hauts-de-Seine (92) and he mentioned it in his I’m not a Human Being : ”I stand tall like a muthafuckin 9-2 ” 🙂

This time, guitars are not too much and less in front in the mix, and Lil Wayne’s flow is more powerful than what he did in “Rebirth”.
The reason of this is probably the very powerful kick he uses, masterized by the well-named Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.

In the amazing flow family, I name I don’t like the Look of it with a production which reminds me The Prodigy’s Baby’s Got A Temper, powerful and efficient.
YM Banger more in the Missy Eliott’s spirit got an interesting and weirdo production.

Finally there is Bill Gates with an à la Booba production, with catchy vocals which I enjoy.

Lil Wayne  did a good job, I Can’t wait for “Tha Carter IV”.




1. I’m not a Human Being
2. I don’t like the Look of It
3. YM Banger
4. Bill Gates


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