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Born Ruffians

Birthmarks (2013, Paper Bags Records) Canada As with each Born Ruffians album, I can’t wait for the release date. As with every Born Ruffians album, I am never disappointed. Another [ … ]


Public Strain (2010, Flemish Eye) Canada I discovered Women first beacuse of its amazing cover, I love that picture. This indie-rock band is a good surprize. Women crosses many genres… [ … ]

The Volcanos

Surf Quake (1996, Estrus Records) USA, Detroit. My friend Romain Cotton introduced me to the music by The Volcanos. It is a traditionnal surf rock album. Like in any surf [ … ]


Homosapien (2013, Felte Records) London, Sydney. No need to see the future to know that this album will be in my Top 13 2013. This trio is skilled ! Homosapien is [ … ]


Ultima Necat (2013, Africantape Records) Switzerland. Here is Ventura’s new album, still in that epic rock vein, with an impressive work on the production and sound mixing. My favorite song [ … ]

Howling Fever

Howling Fever (2013, D.I.Y.) France. I met Romain Siergie a couple years ago when he directed our video clip for No Artificial Color with H.O.Z. Romain is good with picture and video [ … ]

Paul Banks

Banks (2012, Matador Records) USA, NYC. Here is Paul Banks first album from his side project under his name. Let’s start with this amazing artwork, photographs he took himself. This [ … ]


Klangfeld Ep (2013, D.I.Y.) France. Julien Deverre just sent me Klangfeld Ep. I play it in my sound system and it starts with the amazing Focus. A lot of positive points [ … ]

Biffy Clyro

Opposites (2013, 14th Floor Records) Scotland. Biffy Clyro is back with a double-album and DVD about them recording this album in L.A. with Garth Richardson. (Red Hot Chili Peppers and [ … ]