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Pony Pants


(2007, Bad Master Records) U.S.A., Pennsylvanie

I discovered that band on a flyer for a show they did with All Leather (Justin Pearson’s Side project, The Locust)

This band has an uncommon lineup : Rythmbox, bass, guitars and feminine vocals.

First of all I loved their Bridge to Belidge, with very interesting guitar harmonies and a good sound. I like that the bass line follows the guitar. Emilie brings a big plus to the band with her voice between an english Guts Pie Earshot anglais and Bikini Kill.
The other songs are really differents.

Slay the ego is a song which evolves a lot, but I think the drum part is very weird and don’t fit sometimes with the song. The Woodlands and Baby got Backwards present Heavy Metal sides, more than the other tracks .

Big up to Genghis Tron’s remix of Baby got Backwards.

Let’s see what they gonna realize after that…

I just found their Last.fm page with some extracts : http://www.lastfm.fr/music/Pony+Pants/Fives




1. Bridge to Belidge
2. The Woodlands
3. Slay the Ego
4. Baby got Backwards


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