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(2013, Felte Records) London, Sydney.

PVT - Homosapien

No need to see the future to know that this album will be in my Top 13 2013.

This trio is skilled !

Homosapien is the sum of PVT’s skills over their previous records : terrific riffs, mix, rhythmic patterns and effects. I love how the guitar arrives in that song at 1:04 and all the work on the vocals. It almost sounds like Marilyn Manson on “Just like you” haha.

You’ll find the amazing synthesizers of the previous albums in Evolution. The chorus is terrific and the Finale at 3:27 is amazing.

The bass line in Electric is perfect, that song is rich in ambiences and it makes me think of Portishead (Like at 2:51).

Casual Success‘ rhythmic pattern is funny with that cowbell.

The production and the bass synthesizer on Love Defeat are huge.

The artwork is beautiful.

I need to see them live.

A Must-Have-In-Your-Collection.




1. Homosapien
2. Evolution
3. Electric
4. Casual Success
5. Love Defeat


Church With No Magic

(2010, Warp Records) London, Sydney.

PVT - Church With No Magic

This is it ! Pivot change is name for PVT and they are not an instrumental band anymore, since they add Richard Pike’s great vocals.

You enter in that new universe and I love how Community, Light Up Bright Fires et Church With No Magic (great reverbs) are chained. What a slap !

My favorite song on that album is Window, I do love the work on the synthesizers, the vocals, the percussions and the mix (I like the way the effects may be interrupted, harsh)

For the same reasons I love The Quick Mile.

Timeless makes me think of Tim Exile’s work and the composition in that song is terrific as always.




1. Window
2. The Quick Mile
3. Timeless
4. Light Up Bright Fire
5. Church With No Magic


O Soundtrack My Heart

(2008, Warp Records) London, Sydney.

Pivot - O Soundtrack Of My Heart

Second album by Pivot.

It is an instrumental album, which makes me think of Jean-Michel Jarre’s music (Oxygène or Zoolook) and when I checked their wikipedia page, I realized that this reference is mentionned.

This album is a whole and it is interesting to see how the different ambiences match each other.

My favorite song on that disc is Sweet Memory (terrific part at 4:23)

I love the soundscapes on Didn’t I Furious and Nothing Hurts Machine.

Some good songs.




1. Sweet Memory
2. Didn’t I Furious
3. Nothing Hurts Machine


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