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Reviews of Electronic Music


Why Bother ? (2007, Thrill Jockey Records) USA, Detroit. Here is ADULT.’s fourth album and probably the most unsane. The darkest synthesizers are on my favorite song on that record [ … ]

I Monster

Neveroddoreven (2004, Dharma Records) France. My great friend Pauline Donuts, introduced me to I Monster’s music with Heaven. I Monster is an english electro-rock duo who plays a wide panel [ … ]

Mr. Oizo

Stade 3 Ep (2012, Ed Banger Records) France, Paris “Stade 3 ” is in “Stade 2 ” vein, surprizing isn’t it ? Calculatrix soundscapes are terrific ! WC reminds me [ … ]

Purity Ring

Shrines (2012, 4AD) Canada, Montreal. I discovered Purity Ring in checking the news on 4AD website : They offer us an interesting music in the vein of Grimes. I learned [ … ]

The Tuss

Rushup Edge (2007, Rephlex Records) UK. First album for The Tuss. Let’s start with the main point : Death Fuck Mental Beats is work of art. As for the rhythmic [ … ]


Rewind ! (ep) (1999, Rephlex Records) UK. As a good fan of Aphex twin, I had a look to his label Rephlex Records. That’s where I saw, a couple years [ … ]