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Breakup Song

(2012, ATP Recordings) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Breakup Song

OMG : Geniuses in da place ! Another record I want to be buried with.

Is it possible ? The perfect score ? A modern, impressive and fine production ! Only singles ! I listened to that album all along my vacations in the US.

One more layer : Their live, the 17th of September 2012 at Music Hall of Williamsburg was an absolute success.

Let’s have a look to this awesome live video for We Do Parties : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3XhxRCBxTk . What a finale live as on the record. I love the robots effects and reverse cymbals at 2:25.

Ed Rodriguez rocks the stage and Greg Saunier is SIIIICK !

The album starts with Breakup Song, a live video is available here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrQd2PQlAiE. Still in love with this guitar sound.

Then comes my favorite song : There’s That Grin, What are these crazy effects on the bass and guitar ? The part at 1:14 makes me think of Yip-Yip.

Flower is wonderful, I don’t know what to add.

And let’s talk about Fête d’Adieu, a song about a robot with a heart, how cute.

What ? You didn’t bought that album ? Run ! Fly !




1. There’s That Grin
2. Breakup Song
3. Flower
4. We Do Parties
5. Fête d’Adieu


Deerhoof Vs. Evil

(2011, Polyvinyl Records) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Deerhoof vs.Evil

I have mixed feelings about that album.

Yes, there are great songs, but it sounds a little cheesier than the other albums. A little too much.

My favorite song on that album is Must Fight Current. So many good ambiences ! The mix between the vocals is great and the production terrific. One of their best song.

I don’t really know why I love No One Asked To Dance (Maybe because the technical touch of that guitar riff ?)

The instrumental song Let’s Dance The Jet is awesome in its composition and production.

Super Duper Rescue Heads‘ riff will remain in mind. I love the chorus at 0:58 (I love this sound !)

The guitar sound in The Merry Barracks is well found.

A good album




1. Must Fight Current
2. No One Asked To Dance
3. Super Duper Rescue Heads !
4. Let’s Dance The Jet
5. The Merry Barracks


Offend Maggie

(2008, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

On that album, I think the great songs are the one with the best composition.

You’ll find less noisy research on that one compared to the other albums.

The play is perfect from the very first song The Tears And Music Of Love.

Another song in that vein is My Purple Past.

Fresh Born‘ s guitar riff is a killer, as it is for the composition.

I love the part at 1:43 in Eaguru Guru, terrific !

Family Of Others makes me think of Liars.

I saw them the 31st of May 2009 in Paris at La Villette Sonique and I kept a good memory of it.

A good album.




1. The Tears And Music Of Love
2. Fresh Born
3. My Purple Past
4. Eaguru Guru
5. Family Of Others


Friend Opportunity

(2007, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity

I discovered Deerhoof with that video of The Perfect Me : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdUQKUiQ3pw. I loved the rhythmics patterns and the soundscape in that song.

Eventhough that song is one of my favorite song from their discography, “Friend Opportunity” is not their best album : the songs are too slow for me.

One song I loved is Cast Off Crown, really interesting melodies and guitar-wise.

I love the production on Believe E.S.P.

Mixed feelings so.




1. The Perfect Me
2. Cast Off Crown
3. Believe E.S.P.


The Runners Four

(2005, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - The Runners Four

This album is one of their most rock and less noise.

They are masters in compositions !

After the amazing guitar intro of Chatterboxes, you’ll remember for decades the terrific Wrong Time Capsule : efficient melodies and killer guitar solo at 2:07.

Spirit Ditties Of No Tone got really efficient melodies.

The rhythmics parts in Scream Team are killers.

I love the crazy side of Lightning Rod, Run.

A very good album too




1. Spirit Ditties Of No Tone
2. Wrong Time Capsule
3. Scream Team
4. Lightning Rod, Run
5. Chatterboxes


Green Cosmos

(2005, ATP Recordings) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Green Cosmos

This 7 track album was released at the same time as “Runners Of Four” and if I’m not mistaken, it is the only album on which Satomi sings in her native tongue.

I do love the punchy touch of Come See The Duck and its part at 0:41.

In Byun, I mainly enjoy that weird effect produced by the vocals and guitar all together.

Spiral Golden Town sounds really 60’s rock and it is funny.

For fans.




1. Come See The Duck
2. Byun
3. Spiral Golden Town


Milk Man

(2004, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Milk Man

Best Deerhoof’s artwork ever, We all agree on that point right ?

The best song in that album is the amazing Giga Dance ! A riff which will remain in mind for months.

I love a lot the violence of the guitar’s parts on Milking with its funny videoclip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gw2sDjLCSs

Energy, soundscapes and rhythmics parts of the instrumental song Rainbow Silhouette Of The Milky Rain are amazing.

I do love the part at 2:05 in Milk Man. That song makes me thinf of Ghostpoet’s Survive It : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usksH8B07do

Desaparecére‘s harmonies are amazing (terrific break at 3:08)

So many good songs on that record !
An amazing album !




1. Giga Dance
2. Rainbow Silhouette Of The Milky Rain
3. Milking
4. Desapareceré
5. Milk Man


Apple O’

(2003, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Apple O'

“Apple O'” starts with the best live intro ever : Dummy Discards A Heart, what a powerful chorus !

You’ll find a lot of energy in the instrumental My Diamond Star Car. I love the duo guitar/drums in that song (Enjoy that live video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7nBYbt627A)

I love the part at 0:29 in Flower. It makes me think of Camille Saint Saens’ Carnaval des Animaux, Le coucou au fond des bois.

Ambiences in The Forbidden Fruits are a success.

Some good songs.




1. Dummy Discards A Heart
2. My Diamond Star Car
3. Flower
4. The Forbidden Fruits



(2002, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Reveille

I heard of that album because a great french band named Reveille (Discography reviewed soon when their second album will be released in may 2013) choose that name from their favorite Deerhoof’s album.

There is very few vocals on that album and the songs are pretty calm, too calm for my grindcored heart.

So my favorite songs in that album are the most powerful ones. Let’s start with Hark The Umpire. I love this kind of guitar’s riffs and Greg’s performance is amazing once again.

Holy Night Fever really got interesting melodies, I almost feel in a Hella song.

You guys should add more distortion in Our Angel’s Ululu haha.

The ambiences in The Last Trumpeter Swan are magic.

I enjoy that funny artwork.

Some good songs.




1. Hark The Umpire
2. Holy Night Fever
3. Our Angel’s Ululu
4. The Last Trumpeter Swan



(2001, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Halfbird

Here is a full-of-energy album by Deerhoof like we love.

My favorite song is Trickibird,  I love the break and the power of the parts at 0:44 and at 2:02. What a violence !

I love the part at 1:23 in Queen Orca Wicca Wind. The synthesizers brings really weird ambiences.

The energy in Six Holes On A Stick is amazing. It seems to me that it is Eric Cartman who sings the word “cute” haha. In the same vein you have the song Sunnyside.

I have only one regret : I wished that The Forty Fours was longer ! Amazing sub-sound at 0:53 !

A very good album too !




1. Trickybird
2. Six Holes On A Stick
3. Sunnyside
4. Queen Orca Wicca Wind
5. The Forty Fours



(1999, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - Holdypaws

Here is Deerhoof’s third album.

I love the guitar sound on Crow.

That album got a great production and it will touch you from the very first song Magic Star.

This album shows a lot of references to the noise scene, Sonic Youth…

I love the composition work on The Moose’s Daughter as well.

The part at 0:41 in Queen Of The Lake is absolutely sick.

The Great Car Tomb makes me think of some songs by Clara Clara, with this kind of synthesizers.

A very good album.




1. Crow
2. Queen Of The Lake
3. The Moose’s Daughter
4. Magic Star
5. The Great Car Tomb


The Man, The King, The Girl

(1997, Kill Rock Stars) USA, San Francisco.

Deerhoof - The Man, The King, The Girl

Deerhoof’s second album is in the vein of their first one : very noisy, and It didn’t really touch me.

So it’s a bunch of noisy experimentations linked together by some other layers of noise.

I listened to it entirely and I enjoyed the part at 2:02 in Tiger Chain.

Gold On Black is pretty cool.

Gore In Rut is one of the songs which announces what will be Deerhoof in the future.
For fans.




1. Gold On Black
2. Gore In Rut
3. Tiger Chain


Dirt Pirate Creed

(1996, Children Of Hoof) USA, California.

Deerhoof - Dirt Pirate Creed

Deerhoof is a californian rock band who arrived to reach a balanced noise/pop rock music.

That first album show that Deerhoof took its noise roots in the deepest, hardest and darkest noise music.

I may be wrong, but I guess I won’t meet that many people saying to me “Yep, my favorite album ever is “Dirt Pirate Creed” by Deerhoof.

I think I have training for this kind of music but that time it was really hard.

Adding to all that, it was really hard to find a copy of that LP.

I can’t select any particular song, but if you’re brave, try to enjoy the whole LP.

The end of the second side is just unbearable.

For their craziest fans.




1. Dirt Pirat Creed Side 1
2. Dirt Pirat Creed Side 2


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