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The Tuss

Rushup Edge

(2007, Rephlex Records) UK.

The Tuss - Rushup Edge

First album for The Tuss.

Let’s start with the main point : Death Fuck Mental Beats is work of art.

As for the rhythmic patterns, as for the synthesizers and innovation : all is absolutely terrific in that song.

You can keep every second and hail to its amazing finale at 4:12.

The other tracks are closest to the first ep tracks.

Let’s start with the catchy Synthacon 9,

In Last Rusp Up 10 F I really love the part at 4:02 and its great synthesizer.

Shiz Ko E is a funky song, fresh and with an interesting evolving.

Rush Up I Bank 12 reminds me a lot of Aphex Twin, and I like how they switch the drumkits and the shutter effects.

The last song is a little bit too ambient for me.

A Must Have Or Die.




1. Death Fuck Mental Beats
2. Last Rush Up 10 F
3. Synthacon 9
4. Shiz Ko E
5. Rush Up I Bank 12


Confederation Trough EP

(2007, Rephlex Records) UK.

The Tuss - Confederation Trough

First Ep for The Tuss.

Alors pour l’histoire, The Tuss est, outre un groupe qui sort la même année un Ep et un album avec aucun packaging si ce n’est le même sticker mouton, soit une fraterie, soit un couple, soit Aphex Twin sous l’un de ses multiples pseudos.

I think this album created itself-self.

So we are clearly in the Aphex twin vein.

Alspacka is a great, fresh and harmonic song. The synthesizers are Grand and the mouth noises well-done. I really love the break final at 4:21.

I really love the synthesizer in Fredugolon 6.

The other tracks seem to me undone, like a total experimental sound trip in one take.

Very good !




1. Alspacka
2. Fredugolon 6


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