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Gentle Veincut

Concrete Landing

(2006, Whosbrain) Germany

Cover de Gentle Veincut - Concrete Landing

I heard about this band when we played at Festivalette in 2008. They played on Sunday, the day after we played, so I missed them…
Then I bought their album online and what a surprise !
A total new genre of rock music, sad and very powerful, with vocals à la Guts Pie Earshot, a very rich melody on Guitar and a unique sound.
I saw them live later in Bagnolet, Paris at Pixi Bar on the 9th of April, 2009. They were four in the band, and friendly. I spoke with them a little, getting contacts for gigs for H.O.Z.
These people played a crazy set. The drum was more powerful live than on the CD and I heard some of the new songs.
It wasn’t until later that I found out how Diego makes that weird guitar sound ? Indeed he uses a kind of “sovtek” Russian amp with little distortion, and an Kramer’s aluminium neck guitar, to create this resonating sound.
My favorite song is Porthole view (for Ivica). In this song, you can really feel the story evolving. The vocals and the feelings are strong, and they grow until the finale.

The introduction of Friendly Neighborhood provides a very weird sound effect, with a lot of bass and reinforcing rhythmics.

If I had only one negative thing to say, it would be that I would love to have the same feeling of power from the drum kit on CD as it gives off live.




1. Portview Hole (For Ivica)
2. Sonnenbaden
3. Friendly Neighborhood
4. Blockbuster
5. Concrete Landing


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