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Desert Planet

Mario Built My Hot Rod

(2005, 9pm Records) Finland.

Desert Planet - Mario Built My Hot Rod

I discovered that finnish 8bit-electro band on a french TV Show named Tracks a couple years ago.

Jukka Tarkiainen and Jari Mikkola were born too late and in the wrong country : Send them in 1994 to Sega, I would have love to listen to their songs in my Game Gear games.

Return Of The Ninja Droids is one of these melodies which will be engraved in your mind for decades (The videoclip is already a classic : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qGt1aO2lR4)

Breakout Button sounds is absolutely terrific, they play with my feelings : Awesome !

Four Snowmen‘s riff will remain in your mind as well (What a synthesizer !)

I love Interstellar Agent‘s structure.

Let’s finish and sing along the record with the nordics chorus of Granny Hunt.

I’m proud to have this record in my hands !




1. Return Of The Ninja Droids
2. Breakout Button
3. Four Snowmen
4. Interstellar Agent
5. Granny Hunt

Desert Planet’s official website : http://www.desertplanet.com/

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